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The best way to learn about neurodiversity, disability, mental health, addictions, and intersectionality is from people with lived experience (the vast majority of the education shared in this section).



Watch Short Videos

  • What is Neurodiversity (The DERS Guide)

  • Human Neurodiversity Should Be Celebrated, Not Treated as a Disorder

  • Read about neurodiversity terminology




    Watch video on the Social Model of Disability 

    Read more on the Social Model of Disability: Fact Sheet.

    Watch video on unhelpful terminology: Not Special Needs


    Education for Everyone on Autistic Experience: Aucademy  


    Alternatives to Compliance-Based Therapies for Autistic Children


    Watch video by an autist on identity-first language vs. people -first Language


    Free in-person education 

    (comes with catered lunch) for organizations / businesses in the Langley, British Columbia area to learn about the opioid crisis and receive naloxone training.


    Watch video explaining intersectionality


    Read about the Hidden Cost of Disability


  • From a Deaf person about the value of her community

  • From an artist with Down Syndrome

  • From a Deaf dancer 

  • Stories of Mental Health, Empowerment and Change from OC87 Recovery Diaries

  • From a student with Schizophrenia

  • From people about being Black with ADHD and it's impact on Mental Health 

  • An Indigenous perspective of Intergenerational Trauma

  • An addictions counsellor's experience of heroin addiction and stigmatization

  • Learn about life after brain injury from survivors of stroke and traumatic brain injuries


    Continuing Education for Professionals:

  • Schools/Educators: Re-framing Disability

  • Health Care Providers: Free Course - Understanding Stigma

  • Green Plant
    Local to BC, Provinces, National


    If you would like to recommend a resource, please share it with us here.  


    Aboriginal Network on

    Disability serving the disability and health resource / support service needs of Indigenous peoples across Canada

    Accessible Media / TV 

    Canadian Inclusive Accessible Media 

    BC Disability Caucus 

    Advancing interests of disabled people in BC (BritishColumbia) and voicing the lived experiences of PWD (persons with disabilities) 

    BC Ed Access Collective Action for Equitable Access in BC for students with disabilities. offers a repository of local resources and information on navigating the system after brain injury.

    Canadian Alcohol Use Disorder Society Canadian non-profit started for quality of life, treatment options & advocacy for a more compassionate perception of AUD.

    Disability Alliance of BC Helping Disabled people

    with taxes, applying for disability benefits, free law clinic, and workshops.

    Disassembling Disability 

    Canadian young adults from the Disabled community disassemble the negativity and stigma surrounding disability, promote inclusion in schools & the workplace.

    Moms Against Racism  

    Canadians in mothering roles 

    committed to identifying and dismantling racism as they encounter it.


    Damon Kirsebom holding a sign with the image of a book and pencil below the words Quality Education.
    BC, Provincial, National, International

    Change Makers

    If you would like to us to    feature a Change Maker in the areas of Neurodiversity, Disability, Mental Health, Addictions, or Poverty, please let us know.


    In 2019, teenage Autistic self-advocate and disability educator, Damon Kirsebom, launched a campaign in British Columbia, Canada, calling for equitable access to education for students with disabilities. His 2030 Project aligns with the UN's Global Goals for Sustainable Development, specifically goal number 4: quality education.

    Damon kicked off his campaign with the video, Education is a Human Right. In it, he explores the systemic discrimination inherent in the the BC education system. He indicates that this human rights violation continues to be perpetrated throughout the country and across the globe. He also shares his own experience of exclusion as an Autistic student denied equitable access to the general curriculum and denied credit for courses he completed. Damon, a student with an Autism designation who requires the use of AAC (Augmentative and Assistive Communication) was deemed incapable of learning despite evidence to the contrary.

    Damon has asked self-advocates and allies to join his campaign by sharing his Quality Education Instagram photo with the hashtag #EducationIsAHumanRight. You can share the photo from his Instagram page @damonkirsebom.