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This is a global marketplace to showcase art, products and/or services of artists and entrepreneurs who face systemic barriers to sufficient incomes (ableism, racism, ageism, etc.).  If you believe you fit this description and would like to advertise your work on this page, contact us here.

Drawing of a whimsical fairy by Disabled artist Anna Stokes Tournier.

Featured Artist

Anna’s Artwork

Anna Stokes Fournier is a happily married Saskatchewan artist. She is described by admirers as a “brilliant human” who “has a kind word for those who suffer, and a heart of gold.” Anna herself has arthritis, as well as POTS (a chronic blood circulation disorder) and panic disorder.

Anna makes art as an accomplishment, given her arthritis, with “dreams and hopes” of keeping a roof over her head. Digital copies of her freehand drawings as well as her photography are for sale at reasonable prices here.

We couldn’t pass by this whimsical fairy without purchasing a copy.


Anna Stokes Fournier

Colette's Art (1).jpeg

Featured Artisan

Colette Langdon
True Creations

Colette is a creative and talented artisan who is always working to make life better as a single parent. Creating artwork is as therapeutic as it is helpful to supplement an insufficient disability income. Art has become a way to heal from life-altering PTSD.

To find Colette’s shop click here.

Colette, who is chronically ill, would also gratefully accept donations to help pay for prescriptions and to support limited activities holiday gifts for True: “I’d really appreciate help with any items on my daughter's wish list so I can keep her occupied while we stay in isolation over the summer. There's lots of crafts, games, Legos & art supplies.” You can see Colette's wishlist here  and their daughter's wish list here.

You can also donate to them here.

Colette True Creations.jpg

Colette Langdon


Featured Photographer

Jason Sveinson

"My photography journey started when I planned a trip to London, England. I picked up a camera, and while learning how to use it took way too many pictures. I really enjoyed it, and a love of photography was born. As such, a new chapter of my life began--a chapter that began with a camera, but one that is still being written as I move through a life of photography.

You can find my website here. I hope you enjoy looking at my photos as much as I enjoyed taking them." 

Jason has taken photographs for the Cloverdale Reporter and was recently featured in the Maple Ridge News (British Columbia). You can reach Jason through his website for any inquiries into his services.

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Jason Sveinson Photography