Stop Hiding


Q: Our Message in a Nutshell?

A: It’s time to design a world where everyone fits. If you’re different,     stop hiding. Own it.


Q:What do we consider when creating our clothing?

A: Ethically and sustainable sourcing. We strive to be consistent       and want to keep getting better.

 Simple yet stylish—not getting caught up in unnecessary size,        age, and gender stereotypes.

 Comfort and Sensory-Consciousness so that clothing isn’t                irritating or restrictive to wear.


Q: What makes us more than an apparel brand?

A: Our messaging/advertising is driven by the desire for cultural            change

 We provide education with respect for lived experience of                 neurodivergence, mental health, and disability.

 We provide a hub for resources and to build social capital for               people and communities whose value is has been overlooked by       society

 We're always on the lookout for ways improve the lives of                 marginalized people/communities


Q: Who Should Wear Our Clothes?

A:  Anyone interested in elevating fashion to foster more inclusive        communities.

  Proud neurodivergent and disabled people and communities,            including people with mental health conditions.

  Allies—people who want to make room for Different.

  People who want to feel good in their clothes without                          distraction of size, age, gender expectations.

chromosome branded apparel on rack and manakin


Ethically Sourced

Q: Why do we work with our manufacturing partners?

A: We partner to ensure Chromosome Apparel is:

  • Ethically made & leaves a positive social impact

  • Environmentally Sustainable